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3 Wheel Scooters Take a Quantum Leap with Smart BMS

Triad Electric Vehicles, the industry leading 3 wheel adult scooter manufacturer, has been pioneering modern advancements since its founding in 2012. They have done it again with the introduction of an exclusive Smart BMS (battery management system) throughout the entire 2021 product line.

Not a component found on other 3 wheel scooters, derived from technology in today's electric cars, the new Smart BMS system manages and protects the vehicle from operating outside its safe zones. The unique battery created by Triad is of automotive grade quality, offers the highest energy density, longest distance and most charge cycles in its class.

The smart battery management system (BMS) monitors the battery function over its lifetime. It’s basically a built-in computer installed on the battery itself. This automatically controls, collects and reports valuable data wirelessly to an app on your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth connection. The system monitors the battery state during use as well as while charging and discharging. It provides a lifetime of intelligent protection.

This exclusive function is essential to read the temperature and voltages of each cell, calculate and report data in real time; control and balance the cell environment during charging and discharging. Triad’s Bluetooth BMS Protection System Includes: Over-current protection; Over-voltage protection (during charging); Under-voltage protection (during discharging); Over-temperature protection; Under-temperature protection; Ground fault or leakage current detection and maintenance controls through the interface app. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. This is extremely valuable information for the lifetime of the entire power source that can last 5-7 years on average or up to 800-1200 charge cycles. Learn More about the new Smart BMS from Triad Triad Innovations to the 3 wheel electric scooter for adults

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