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Triad's Pioneering Achievements for 3 Wheel Scooters

  • The “true” certified 750W motor. Triad remains the only company to offer an actual 750W motor without voltage over-amplification. Other three wheel scooter manufacturers notoriously use over-voltage as an inexpensive way to create false power which rapidly deteriorates the battery, motor and components.

  • First to use 48V components to ensure voltage continuity as a quality standard.

  • Implemented the first 48V automotive grade battery derived directly from the electric car industry.

  • Introduced the 3-speed setting to regulate power and performance for the operating environment.

  • First to market with Disc Brakes including a floating caliper with ceramic metal brake pads.

  • Introduced the double bearing system on the Original Triad 750 SE solid axle design for higher weight capacities.

  • Created the tread mold patterns and DOT rated rubber tires to maximize durability surpassing the more commonly used bicycle grade tires found on most e scooters.

  • In 2014, first to market Front Suspension on the Triad 750 SF2 model.

  • In 2015 pioneered the first of its kind electric scooter for adults with a Flat Foot Platform. The Triad 750 XL model was the first ever vehicle in its class to use Rear Brakes.

  • In 2017 Triad brought about the redesigned XL model to the forefront as the improved 750 CSX model with first ever all wheel Disc Brakes.

  • The 750 CSX engineering led to the first ever 1000W Dual Rear Drive Quantum Signature Series which optimized the rider’s body weight for instant traction effectively eliminating front wheel spin while increasing the torque for steeper inclines. This innovation for traction also provided an additional benefit for those that are seated more than they stand during operations and made the vehicle more versatile for off paved high resistance areas like thick grass, dirt pathways, gravel and even compact sand.

  • The One Touch Push Start, BMS, Aluminum Folding Handlebar, Waterproof Quick Disconnect, Cell Phone Holder and Charger, Security System, Hitch Mount, LED Ground FX Safety Lights, and plug and play Modular Components are all innovations introduced by Triad Electric Vehicles.

  • Triad remains the only 3 wheel scooter manufacturer with 7 homologation certifications for inclusion to 165 countries globally.

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