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Triad Electric Vehicles 3 Wheel Scooter Manufacturer

Our 3 wheel scooter for adults are engineered for long term value and easy maintenance for the lowest cost of ownership over years of reliable use. Your order is custom built to your specifications based on your particular needs. We build personal electric vehicles for corporate clients and for individual use.

Triad Electric Vehicles was developed in an effort to enhance the quality of life for those who have difficulty walking or to provide enjoyment for those aspiring to reach their destinations with more fun and ease. The electric mobility class of scooters was a more cost effective, greener way of offering this kind of product.


Triad saw an immediate demand for a more advanced, more durable, more versatile, and more powerful 3 wheel scooter for adults. One that could be more affordable to a much wider demographic of customer, and one that would be held to the highest possible American standards of quality.

Our vehicles like our company are expanding into new territory, always pushing the boundaries of functional simplicity and innovative design. Triad Electric Vehicles engineers 3 wheel scooters for adults in the USA for a global market. By consistently improving new model designs for the world to enjoy, since inception Triad Electric Vehicles has maintained the leadership role in the highly competitive electric vehicle marketplace consistently outperforming all other vehicles in its class bench marking new industry standards.

In 2010, Triad Electric Vehicles pioneered the “CERTIFIED” 750 watt motor for this class of electric vehicle. The Triad 750 is the only vehicle truly able to effectively be used for a long duration with weight capacities of over 300 lbs. Triad has pioneered nearly 50 engineering advancements to its unique product line that improve durability and reliability for our customers. Some of the most innovative designs include: exclusive motors, unique battery types and tires, improved wiring and electronics, state of the art disc brakes to prevent roll backs, upgraded heavy duty folding neck with improved locking mechanism, frame design for higher weight capacities, a remote ignition and alarm system, 11 color options, multiple seat options, and much, much more. The Triad 750 personal electric vehicle is the most advanced, highest quality personal electric vehicle available and as a leader of the industry, we continue to pioneer the latest technological improvements to our vehicles.

Triad Electric Vehicles will assist millions in receiving greater mobility while taking into great consideration the health of the environment. It is the only 3 wheel scooter for adults that can be operated daily in the rigors of the rental market, which in turn make it the most reliable and longest lasting 3 wheel scooter specifically made for adults.



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“I cannot thank you enough for this amazing vehicle, it has really helped me with my training.”

Paralympic Archer Simon Powell representing Great Britain

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"...proof that a Triad can travel everywhere…the whole trip was very smooth... Norwegian Air people all admired the Triad. 'Very modern' they said. …in Croatia now..we are amazed how well the Triad handles steep grades...wonderful." Triad Owners Mike and Kerry.

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“Just wanna say omg I love my scooter the ride is so amazing and I love riding it. I’m so happy and thanks so much for all your help and that, this is not what I expected but it’s beyond my expectations 😃 just love it!”
-Mo M. New Triad Owner

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Triad Electric Vehicles is at the forefront of innovation to serve our customers with the latest technology in 3 wheel electric scooters. The Triad 750 has become the number one 3 wheel electric e scooter, trike, mobility scooter in the industry today.  It is our commitment to listen, innovate to the changing needs life brings to our customers, and then create a vehicle for them to enjoy that life! We began with our TRIAD 750 SE  mobility scooter with upgraded enhancements like our original exclusive 750 Watt Motor nearly a decade ago and have since then advanced into our powerful Triad 750 CSX and our Quantum Dual Model.


Our new Signature Line integrates ground breaking 3 wheel scooter technology never before seen in our class of adult electric scooters. Our Quantum Dual Model now includes a secondary ignition charger port on the handlebar, LED lighting ground effects for low light and high visibility for night driving, and is now available with a 1000W of power. It includes a rear drive for more power and increased torque, improved climbing ability and better traction especially while sitting.

We are unmatched in quality and performance and there is nothing comparable to our 3 wheel scooters in likeness or durability on the market today .


The Triad 750 is the highest quality, lightest weight, most powerful, safest and most dependable 3 wheel scooter for adults. It has been designed specifically to withstand much higher weight capacities and up to 24X longer lifespan. Call today to order the best electric scooter on the market today and Go the Distance!

Triad Electric Vehicles

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“Triad is a marvelous company to do business with, I am always amazed at how helpful and efficient you are!”

-William S. Regal Waters, Queensland, Australia
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