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Built for Travel!


The Triad 750 Electric scooter was designed nearly a decade ago in the mountains of Hawaii, one of the most ecological diverse places in the world with 8 extreme climate zones, and tested internationally on 6 continents. Whether you are a camper with an RV, a store renting or selling  to vacationers or locals, or your traveling to your next vacation spot, the Triad can do it all! It can also fly with you!

Tours and Rentals


Build your fleet and gain a competitive edge. Choose between over 10 different colors, and add the accessories that suits your business best. Here are some reasons why our customers love to glide on a Triad when they are on vacation!

Great for Tours and Rentals:

  • You can stand or sit and the Triad can be easily folded into a taxi, car, or ferry when traveling around town.

  • The Triad 750 has a 3 wheel platform that is self balancing which lends to a much smoother glide.  

  • There are various accessories that can be added to the creation of your fleet order.

  • The quality is unmatched in performance and the mechanics are friendly for ongoing maintenance.

  • The Triad 750 is compact and can fit in small spaces, and has an amazing turning radius when challenged with narrow doorways and spaces.  



Hotels and Resorts


The Triad 750 e scooter is perfect for large open spaces such as Hotels, and Resorts. Our Triad 750 can be seen in the most popular, luxurious hotels to date and in some of the most influential resort destinations globally. Many of the international classes of hotels have an extremely active community and wide open spaces-  the perfect atmosphere for the Triad 750. Enjoy sporting around your sidewalks and entries with the Triad 750 electric scooter to get to your destination in and outside of your hotel. Triad Electric Vehicles was the first company ever to pioneer the indoor black non-marking tire to preserve the carpeted flooring of hotels and event spaces. We only hope to add to the attraction not deter from the beauty and elegance of your environment.


Cruise Lines

Our transportable 3 wheel electric scooters are the ideal choice for use on cruises. Their smaller size and exceptional maneuverability make these scooters perfect for the narrow doorways and spaces you often find on cruise ships. Transportable scooters can also collapse, and be easily stored in your stateroom.

If you are looking for an electric scooter that is easy to move from location to location, a Triad Electric Vehicle is what you're looking for.



Corporations and Organizations

Thank you for your interest. We have been serving wholesale clients for years in the hospitality and tourism industry and thank you for allowing us to work with you. 

Need help Flying with your Triad

Here are some of the most important details you will need to know in order to receive authorization to use your Triad in the airport.
1. Call ahead to your airline and let them know that you will be traveling with an electric mobility device- its classified as an assisted mobility device.

2. Upon your arrival to check in, inform the attendant that you will need assistance to collect and store your Triad at the gate.

3. They will let you drive your vehicle all the way to the plane for boarding. The baggage attendant will take it from you as you board the plane and store it below deck. (They will keep your vehicle in tact and buckled down safely) If you feel its necessary to wrap it in any way that will be at your own discretion.

4. When you have landed the baggage attendant will bring your Triad to you at your gate.

Triad 750


  • The Triad 750 is 100% Electric. No License, no registration, no insurance required.

  • Each Triad 750 is an ADA Compliant electric scooter for indoor and outdoor use.

  • The Triad 750 is the only electric scooter with a “Certified” 750 Watt motor. No other electric scooter compares to its power, durability or years of reliable use.

  • Speed: Up to 25 mph with 300 lb. rider. Adjustable 3-speed switch control. 5/12/25 mph speed settings.

  • Variable wrist throttle for maximum speed control.

  • Green/Yellow/Red battery charge indicator.

  • Range: Up to 25 miles on low speed. 16-18 miles on average at mid speed.

  • Up to 17° Maximum incline climbing ability. Over 2X the climbing ability of any vehicle of its kind.

  • Fully adjustable floating caliper disc brake. The only vehicle with the ability to stop on inclines.

  • Comes with a Parking Brake.

  • Battery: Fast-Charge Lightweight Dry Cell type. One battery lasts 3-5 years on average. 24X the lifetime of any other electric scooter battery. 16,000-24,000 miles and up to 1200 deep recharge cycles.

  • Charging Time: 4 hours or less.

  • Charger: Heavy Duty 110 volt smart charger / 220 volt for EU and Australia.

  • Redundant charging with backup charger inputs, and ignition options.

  • High tech security options.

  • Handlebar: Upgraded Folding Handlebar with improved locking mechanism. No dis-assembly transport.

  • Tires: Front and rear pneumatic. 16” x 3” Front, 9″ Rear for SE/SF2; 14.5” Rear on the XL.

  • Completely removable seat for stand and ride freedom.

  • Super Bright Headlight / Extra Large Tail light and Brake light for safety. Horn included.

  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs.

  • Airline friendly. TSA approved.

  • Comes With: Assembly tools, unique set of ignition keys, redundant surge protection, and more!

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