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Triad Electric Vehicles Reviews
Technical Approach and Competitor Differences


Since the day the Triad 750 launched internationally as the founder of its invention,  there have been competitors who were only able to offer a lookalike cheaper version of our e scooter, some with 170W motors, others with 270W motors and a few with actual 350 watt motor and all with lead acid batteries. These models have become less interesting to consumers, and understandably so. They have very limited power, can't climb hills and the batteries die really quick. The Triad 750's ability to recharge up to 1000 more recharges, efficiently manage higher weight capacities with true power specifications and its sheer force to go up steep inclines and maintain speed and accuracy for long duration put Triad at the forefront of 3 wheel scooter innovation. Learn more by reading our FAQ's page

More and more competitors every year try to follow our e scooters but they can not keep up with our ability to make technological advancements as the global manufacturing leader. More and more scooter brands are failing time and time again in the US market. In order for competitors to compete with our latest advancements,  its become commonplace for competitors to misrepresent their e scooters as 750 watt motors when in reality its 350 watt motor (or less) being amplified in the computer controller in order to perform.

Triad's proprietary innovation with the true 750 watt motor is still unmatched today, so this was their solution. Consumers are right to ask lots of questions about honest vehicle specifications in this process.

How can you tell? Look closely at the details before you buy. The first clue is, if it says it goes 18 mph IT'S NOT A 750 watt motor.


These knockoffs have saturated the market place and are being sold on well known legitimate internet sites like Amazon and Walmart. Home show scooter sales are popular places to see the imitators, but the technical details are entirely misleading. Ask lots of questions and get to know the technology before you buy. 


Some companies claim they can “power boost” motors. These are NOT actual 750-watt motors. The specifications of these look-a-like 3 wheel scooters are very exaggerated. They do not have the speed, power or torque that the original Triad 750 has. You should never amplify the natural power of an electric motor. That causes heat, and heat creates electrical malfunctions in electric motors. Each Triad 750 has a real 750W motor with a maximum speed of 25 mph with a 300 lb. rider. These look-a-like knock-off 3 wheel electric scooters being sold in an effort to simulate our product without the advanced research and engineering we have developed and they are over-amplifying 170-watt motors with lead acid batteries and a max out at 18 mph. They should max at 9 mph based on their electrical integrity. Just stepping on them overloads their capacity to operate efficiently. Even the “350 watt” 3 wheel scooters out there are 170 watt motors over amplified 2X in the computer controller. Amplifying the controller draws extra power from the battery to create “false power” and burns up all the components.  Not only can they not obtain our exclusive Triad 750-watt motor; they capitalize off customers who may not understand these important differences.


Competing products have the voltage power from the battery to the motor amplified so high that there is no free current left in the motor. This automatically creates an extremely rapid deterioration of the battery, motor, components and computer causing total unit failures and safety risks from the very first day it was made.


The secret is that our competitors, in an effort to improve their profit margins, amplify the voltage from lead acid batteries up to 3X the recommended load capacity and use lower quality and less expensive parts. This is extremely unfavorable for long term value on any electric vehicle. Watch out for any product that claims to have a 48V system with 4-12v batteries in succession. All of the electrical components of those look-a-likes are at most 24V.  Discharging 48V through any 24V component will create electrical shorts which are nearly impossible to repair.


Triad Electric Vehicles is committed to manufacturing innovative, durable, environmentally friendly transportation. We strive to provide the best zero emission personal transportation vehicles available with our immediate focus on wholesale distribution.

The power, and quality of the Triad 750 3 wheel electric scooter for adults is far  superior to any other personal electric scooter in the market. The Original Triad 750 is engineered and designed in the USA for Americans, and we are the only company with 7 international standardized manufacturing certifications for this product.


The power of the motor is not just important to speed its also important to performance. For the dynamics of the Triad the power equals better climbing abilities and performance support. Over amplifying your motor does not give you true power to the vehicle to assist in the overall mechanics and when the vehicle is not engineered to support these features you receive a vehicle that is planned for failure. A vehicle that has not been tested with time or finances to assure the rider he is receiving an e scooter that will last. Its a short sale for a quick dollar to US resellers. 


Triad 750 Batteries vs. The Other Knockoff Brands’ Lead Acid Batteries

Your Triad battery now comes standard with a built in digital management system (BMS). This is not only one of the most valuable components, its also extremely important to be able to simply monitor the health of the battery over its lifetime. Starting in 2021, your battery now has its own built in computer (known as a smart battery pack) that sends valuable data via Bluetooth to your Triad battery smartphone app. This is not a common component on electric scooters, as it is usually reserved for today's electric cars instead.

Because our battery is the automotive grade quality, it is important that you have our Triad electronic Smart BMS system to manage and protect your battery. The system allows you to easily monitor the battery state during operations and while charging over its lifetime. The BMS system not only shows the battery charge, it also reads the temperature and voltages of each cell. It calculates and reports real time data to your app. This system controls the entire battery environment and balances the battery cells during charging.

Triad's exclusive battery monitoring technology also includes a thermal management protection system to prevent electrical malfunction.

Our Bluetooth BMS Protection System Includes:
Over-current protection
Over-voltage protection (during charging)

Under-voltage protection (during discharging)

Over-temperature protection

Under-temperature protection

Ground fault or leakage current detection

This is extremely valuable information for the lifetime of your battery that can last 5-7 years on average or up to 800-1200 charge cycles.

Triad BMS system is standard on all 2021 models. This entire system can be retrofit into all previous model years by ordering a new battery. The app for monitoring the battery health is available for Apple and Android devices.



Triad Electric Vehicle batteries are one-tenth the weight of our competitors’ lead acid batteries. The Triad Electric Vehicles battery is by far the safest, longest lasting and the most advanced batteries available for any 3 wheel personal electric vehicle e scooter, trike. There is only one 6 lb. battery in the Original Triad 750; and there is up to 60 lbs. of lead acid batteries in most of the knockoff brands available. SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries are extremely heavy. Lead is the heaviest non-radioactive metal and lead acid batteries simply put are an inferior choice when simply factoring in the weight components.


Only Triad Electric Vehicles batteries are easily removable and they can be charged outside the vehicle. Most others will use lead acid batteries that are hard wired and cannot be removed.


Triad Electric Vehicle batteries have the highest energy density per kilogram available. By comparison, lead acid batteries have the lowest energy density per kilogram. Lead acid batteries only have about 50% usable energy. Triad batteries have 80-100% usable energy. It takes 8 – 16 full hours to recharge lead acid batteries compared to the Triad Electric Vehicles battery; which recharges in less than 4 hours. For example, if you discharge 25% of the battery it only takes 1 hour to charge.


Triad Electric Vehicle batteries are nearly 100% efficient in both charge and discharge. The knockoff competitors’ lead acid (SLA) batteries’ complete inefficiency leads to a loss of amps even while charging. Discharging lead acid batteries occurs rapidly, and lead acid batteries drop voltage during use, further reducing the batteries’ capacity to hold energy during the next charge. Lead acid batteries are extremely inefficient compared to Triad Electric Vehicle batteries.


Triad Electric Vehicle batteries are discharged at 90% versus lead acid batteries which are not recommended beyond more than 50% depth of discharge. On an average full charge stop and go 0-12 mph daily driving, a 300 lb rider can go up to 16 miles without losing power or voltage over the entire lifetime of the Triad battery. The knockoff brands always make exaggerated claims that their batteries can make distance they simply cannot and that you can travel on a single charge with lead acid batteries. In reality, even with brand new lead acid batteries, you can only travel less than half the distance that they claim. Lead acid batteries do not have the capacity to hold and discharge enough energy to support the distance claims made by the no-name brands.


Rechargeable Triad Electric Vehicle batteries can be charged 800-1200 times throughout their lifetime, compared to just 150-200 cycles in lead acid batteries. Cycle life is greatly affected by much higher levels of discharge in lead acid, versus only slightly being affected in Triad Electric Vehicle batteries. The more you use and charge and discharge lead acid batteries, the less voltage is available in them and the less distance you can travel with a knockoff brand electric scooter. In daily use, lead acid batteries will only provide enough energy for a few months of use before noticing the signs that replacements will soon be required. The Triad Electric Vehicles battery will perform for 16,000-24,000 miles overall on average throughout its lifetime when properly maintained. You can enjoy peace of mind with many years of reliable use with the Triad batteries.


Triad Electric Vehicle batteries maintain their voltage output throughout the entire discharge cycle. This allows for greater and longer-lasting efficiency of all the electrical components. Lead acid batteries’ voltage drops consistently throughout each discharge cycle. This rapid drop in voltage with lead acid batteries will eventually cause all of the electrical components to fail in the knockoff brand electric scooters. Some components will fail more quickly. These very common failures of the knockoff brands include burning up the batteries, destruction of the motor controller, throttle failure, and motor burnout. Total unit failure is common in these knockoff brands within a relatively short amount of time because the inherent voltage discharge problem of lead acid batteries is compounded with the knockoff brands multiplying the amount of energy from the battery to the motor in the controller (sometimes 300% more). What they are trying to sell you is a scooter that is not as powerful as they say it is. Once you add the weight of the rider, or load, it is very common to experience the rapid deterioration of lead acid batteries. Triad batteries can operate normally under 10 times the load capacity of lead acid batteries.


The true cost of ownership of Triad Electric Vehicle batteries is far less than any knockoff brand’s lead acid battery when considering life span and performance. For every 1 Triad battery you will need to replace the knockoff brand’s lead acid batteries 24 times. That is a total of having to purchase up to 100 of their batteries for the one Triad battery included in your vehicle. At an average of $200 per battery change for the knockoff brand, you would spend well over 500% more in the long run compared to the original Triad battery. You will also have to plan on the additional cost of replacing many of the knockoff brand’s components many times over also because the deterioration of lead acid battery voltage is going to cause the components to fail very, very frequently.


Triad Electric Vehicle batteries are a much cleaner technology and are safer for the environment. Triad Electric Vehicle batteries deliver higher-quality performance in a safer, lighter weight, longer-lasting package.

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