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We created the Triad 750 and our Signature Line in order to transport riders of all sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnicity. Many vehicles of this kind can only withstand certain height and weight restrictions due to limiting manufacturing processes to keep prices low and profit margins high. The Triad doesn't adhere to those principals. Triad Electric Vehicles e scooters for adults contain performance enhancements that were created to empower excellence. The Triad is an honest 3 wheel electric scooter that was designed and engineered in America for both American and International adults. If you have any questions please review each of our Triad Models and feel free to email us at sales@triadmotion.com or check out our FAQs page to find out more.

Medical Use

The Triad Electric Scooter is now becoming the accepted standard of mobility for Adults worldwide. Our vehicle evolution has lead to extraordinary advancements in the trike, 3 wheel e scooter device.  The Triad 750 CSX is a better alternative to the power chairs at half the weight, and a more innovative design. Individuals who are in need of a medical device for mobility and simply want assistance with long distances are actively seeking a new alternative from the low to the ground, slow, low power, traditional medical scooter design, especially when its become a part of their lifestyle and mobility support.  The Original Triad 750 CSX is also perfect for the individual who may be sustaining a short term injury and would prefer a powerful, active vehicle as opposed to a wheelchair.  We understand the multiple challenges that arise with mobility support, and have provided aid through our longtime dedication to MS Foundation, Paralympics, Bridge to Rwanda, and more.

Military Veterans

We have supported Military Veterans since inception of our vehicles and believe strongly in supporting any veteran in need. Please ask about free upgrades that can assist you in your daily activities and military family discounts at any time. Thank you for your service and for the continued support you have shown us at Triad. We hope to show you the same continued support in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Triad 750


  • The Triad 750 is 100% Electric. No License, no registration, no insurance required.

  • Each Triad 750 is an ADA Compliant electric scooter for indoor and outdoor use.

  • The Triad 750 is the only electric scooter with a “Certified” 750 Watt motor. No other electric scooter compares to its power, durability or years of reliable use.

  • Speed: Up to 25 mph with 300 lb. rider. Adjustable 3-speed switch control. 5/12/25 mph speed settings.

  • Variable wrist throttle for maximum speed control.

  • Green/Yellow/Red battery charge indicator.

  • Range: Up to 25 miles on low speed. 16-18 miles on average at mid speed.

  • Up to 17° Maximum incline climbing ability. Over 2X the climbing ability of any vehicle of its kind.

  • Fully adjustable floating caliper disc brake. The only vehicle with the ability to stop on inclines.

  • Comes with a Parking Brake.

  • Battery: Fast-Charge Lightweight Dry Cell type. One battery lasts 3-5 years on average. 24X the lifetime of any other electric scooter battery. 16,000-24,000 miles and up to 1200 deep recharge cycles.

  • Charging Time: 4 hours or less.

  • Charger: Heavy Duty 110 volt smart charger / 220 volt for EU and Australia.

  • Redundant charging with backup charger inputs, and ignition options.

  • High tech security options.

  • Handlebar: Upgraded Folding Handlebar with improved locking mechanism. No dis-assembly transport.

  • Tires: Front and rear pneumatic. 16” x 3” Front, 9″ Rear for SE/SF2; 14.5” Rear on the XL.

  • Completely removable seat for stand and ride freedom.

  • Super Bright Headlight / Extra Large Tail light and Brake light for safety. Horn included.

  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs.

  • Airline friendly. TSA approved.

  • Comes With: Assembly tools, unique set of ignition keys, redundant surge protection, and more!

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