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Not only can you customize your order with special colors, you can choose from many different options of upgrades and accessories for your Triad 3 wheel scooter order.

You can add a universal seat post to fit any bicycle style seat, upgrade to a Captain's Chair if you need added comfort for longer seated use with removable and folding armrests, add a locking trunk, handlebar cell phone holder and charger, you can even add LED lights under the frame for additional safety lighting in low light conditions, choose from 3 LED light colors, add knobby tires for the SF2, CSX or Quantum Signature Series models if your needs require more durability for use in arid, gritty regions of the country and more!

Contact us to customize your Triad order with options like left handed throttle options and rear foot brake pedal, and complete your Triad Electric Vehicle with One Touch Push Button electronic ignition, BMS system for digital battery monitoring through a free app on your smartphone. 

Choose any option you like which is available per model. Call 855-648-7423 and speak to a qualified Triad Electric Vehicles sales person to build your order and customize it just the way you like it!

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