Check out all 4 Exciting Triad Models. 

The Triad Quantum Dual:
Triad created what we call the "final solution" 3 wheel scooter for adults which features dual independent rear drive motors with 1000W of total motor power. Sitting or standing in between the dual independently controlled rear motors provides significantly increased torque and traction on pavement and much greater versatility over off paved environments. More widely used for higher weight capacities, towing, and for use through grass, gravel, and to climb steep inclines, this Triad model provides the freedom that you need to go anywhere anytime.

The Triad 750 CSX:
A 3 wheel scooter for adults which features the most powerful 750W front wheel drive motor with up to 25 mph operations. Low, Mid and High speed settings allows you to manage your operational speeds both indoors and out. With excellent use over all paved areas and the power to perform over most off paved areas effortlessly and up steep inclines, the Triad 750 CSX also provides all wheel disc braking for maximum safety. 

The Triad 750 SF2:
The "hybrid" of the 4 models incorporates the front wheel suspension of the CSX with footprint of the SE model. With the 750W front drive motor, disc brakes and custom seat options ranging from bike seat to the wide seat and removable backrest.


The Triad 750 SE:The base model of the lineup provides everything you need without compromise on fully loaded features. Its the lightest weight, most compact version which includes the tightest turning radius of any model. The Triad 750 SE comes standard with all the best, including battery, motor, custom color options, seat type, headlight, tail light, brake light, alarm, cell phone charger, front basket and more!