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Triad Industrial Electric Utility Vehicl


The 1000W Triad Quantum Dual and the Triad 750 CSX are the superior electric powered personal utility vehicles for industrial and warehouse use. As the most cost effective ideal means of transport, Triad and can save you time getting where you need quickly and easily through the work day while simultaneously providing an emissions free advantage avoiding fuel costs. Increase productivity with the longest lasting 3 wheel industrial electric utility vehicle.

Triad offers extraordinary maneuverability making it very easy to operate in narrow spaces and comes equipped with a 3 speed switch and wrist throttle, which allows the rate of travel to be easily controlled inside a warehouse facility or industrial environment.

The durable 750 CSX is the most cost effective industrial strength personal electric vehicle designed to outlast all other products in the marketplace. Triad Quantum Dual has powerful rear drive motors for instant traction and torque to pull up to 400 lbs.

Let us custom manufacture according to your specific needs.

Corporations and Organizations

We have been serving wholesale clients for years with large warehouse spaces, corporate, executive and administrative use. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR ORDER

industrial electric utility vehicle, warehouse scooter

Quality and performance is what has established Triad Electric Vehicles as the leader of manufacturing and innovation of the 3-wheel scooter personal electric vehicle.

The value of Triad Electric Vehicles is years of reliability in the commercial and industrial workplace.

Companies always need ways to increase productivity by moving their people across widespread areas to save time and money.

During this key decision-making process, company executives look for cost cutting ways to reduce personnel transportation acquisition and fleet maintenance.

For consolidated areas where space is a premium, many companies are faced with replacing aging equipment like the golf cart utility vehicles, and electric flatbed utility carts with modern alternatives.

Key decision makers are looking for a less expensive, modernized alternative for personnel transportation with a smaller footprint instead of continuing to pay the high cost of maintenance. But at the end of the day, the decision really comes down to quality and reliability. Companies require value and quality.

Fix it at the Factory.

Here’s why Triad is really the only option:

Triad’s square tube frames provide the best angles for welding. Competitors use round tubing for frames because it’s less expensive, but round tubing creates weak weld points that cause broken frames.

Triad motors are rated on continuous power - not peak power.

Our competitors rate their motors on peak power. Our perspective as a manufacturer is that Peak power ratings for electric motors are deceptive and inaccurate. A motor under load performance is expected to continuously output the listed wattage. Competitor motors' constant power is actually 1/3 of the listed wattage. So essentially this means a peak rated motor is always under 3X more stress. Motor stress creates heat and burns out motors, components and batteries 3X faster.

Triad batteries last 24 times longer.


With 600-1000 more recharges on your original Triad battery and 100% more discharge depth, the more widely used lead acid batteries are strongly discouraged in the workplace. This is why Triad Electric Vehicles only uses the highest quality automotive electric vehicle battery technology and we design our motors and components to work within the correct voltage parameters.

Durability with versatility and sustainability.

Continuing to repair aging industrial electric vehicle equipment is not a sustainable choice. Continuing to repair aging equipment also does not provide any new solutions to give personnel, managers and supervisors reliable and versatile transportation for access throughout facilities both indoor and out. Cut costs, save time, and increase productivity with an ecologically responsible green transportation product that is easy to use. The Triad electric utility vehicle charges quickly, has swap out battery options and are easy to maintain for reliable use.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

The Triad Worry-Free parts policy ensures that your company is prepared in advance for years of reliable use from the time of purchase. High quality engineering standards, components, motors and batteries are the heart and soul of Triad Electric Vehicles line of products.


For the price of one out dated electric utility vehicle you can have a fleet of 10 Triads. Not only can you move more people much more efficiently, you can use your Triads indoors and out and reach smaller more confined areas of your facility with greater ease and more versatility.

Cost vs. People moving

Some utility vehicles can cost nearly $9,000 each, weigh up to 550 lbs., are 4’ wide and 9’ long. Whether your company already owns one or may just be familiar with these kinds of electric utility carts due to their years in the field, today’s high cost of replacement and maintenance leaves most industrial manufacturing plants and warehousing companies searching for a greener and lower cost alternative. Golf cart electric utility vehicles are even more substantial in size, problems, and financial investment, They are also typically regulated to outdoor use only, are generally unable share the indoor lanes with forklifts, and just one of these golf cart electric utility vehicles can be close to $14,000 new - plus tax and the cost of shipping.


For 1 golf cart utility vehicle you can have 10 or more Triads ready to go anytime!

Choose Triad. We have everything you are looking for!

Triad Industrial Electric Utility Vehicle

Triad 750


  • The Triad 750 is 100% Electric. No License, no registration, no insurance required.

  • Each Triad 750 is an ADA Compliant electric scooter for indoor and outdoor use.

  • The Triad 750 is the only electric scooter with a “Certified” 750 Watt motor. No other electric scooter compares to its power, durability or years of reliable use.

  • Speed: Up to 25 mph with 300 lb. rider. Adjustable 3-speed switch control. 5/12/25 mph speed settings.

  • Variable wrist throttle for maximum speed control.

  • Green/Yellow/Red battery charge indicator.

  • Range: Up to 25 miles on low speed. 16-18 miles on average at mid speed.

  • Up to 17° Maximum incline climbing ability. Over 2X the climbing ability of any vehicle of its kind.

  • Fully adjustable floating caliper disc brake. The only vehicle with the ability to stop on inclines.

  • Comes with a Parking Brake.

  • Battery: Fast-Charge Lightweight Dry Cell type. One battery lasts 3-5 years on average. 24X the lifetime of any other electric scooter battery. 16,000-24,000 miles and up to 1200 deep recharge cycles.

  • Charging Time: 4 hours or less.

  • Charger: Heavy Duty 110 volt smart charger / 220 volt for EU and Australia.

  • Redundant charging with backup charger inputs, and ignition options.

  • High tech security options.

  • Handlebar: Upgraded Folding Handlebar with improved locking mechanism. No dis-assembly transport.

  • Tires: Front and rear pneumatic. 16” x 3” Front, 9″ Rear for SE/SF2; 14.5” Rear on the XL.

  • Completely removable seat for stand and ride freedom.

  • Super Bright Headlight / Extra Large Tail light and Brake light for safety. Horn included.

  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs.

  • Airline friendly. TSA approved.

  • Comes With: Assembly tools, unique set of ignition keys, redundant surge protection, and more!

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