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Not only can you customize your order with special colors, and different options of upgrades and accessories, you can also modify your Triad order specifically for your needs. Commercial use, Retail or Rental use, Administrative use, or for Personal use. There are many options to choose from. Only Triad can build it the way you need it.

Start by adding a second charger port up on the handlebar for easier access to charging so you no longer need to bend over to access the primary charger port under the foot platform. You can add folding front pegs to the front wheel if you require additional leg room.

We can manufacture your 3 wheel Triad Electric Vehicle with a non-folding neck if you need the handlebar to be lower than our standard design, or add a folding adjustable neck if you are taller and need the handlebar higher in use, and lower for storage. Add the remote wireless ignition on a separate circuit as a secondary ignition backup to the key column or One Touch push button electronic ignition.

The highest quality, longest lasting, most powerful, lightest weight, 3 wheel scooters available. Built specifically for commercial heavy duty use, Triad provides the longest lasting value for anyone seeking personal electric vehicle solutions.

Choose any option you like which is available per model. Call 855-648-7423 and speak to a qualified Triad Electric Vehicles sales person to build your order and customize it just the way you like it!

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