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Triad has in its years of business shipped wholesale orders throughout the world. Triad has with these orders met the regulatory requirements needed in order to drive our vehicles among the territories of both the national and international countries listed above.


These requirements also include such actions that meet the shipping and logistical transport of such vehicles. We are able to meet the requirements to ship to 165 countries worldwide. If we have not listed your country or region please contact us about your order so we may begin the process.

Logistics and Transport of your Triad Electric Vehicles are provided door to door by Triad Electric Vehicles transport and our assisted partners and broker alliances that provide specialty packaging, international shipping, and outstanding service for single units and large quantity orders. We have established partners in the shipping industry and long standing relationships with officials to assure the safe transport of your e scooters. These partners take exclusive care in order to meet your expectations of delivery. The provider of this third party service is provided to you at the time of your order depending on the location of your service. Once this partnership is created they will work with you exclusively to ensure you have received your vehicles on time.  We only choose licensed and insured parties as our service providers. 


Triad meets all the standards of excellence during the transport of your vehicles providing quality single unit and container packaging to protect your investment. We have developed, through our factory, state of the art insulation to protect against the wear and tear of delivery and door to door service .

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