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Can I connect another 3 wheel scooter battery for more distance?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Well that’s a good question. It seems like that would be a simple solution, right? Here is why we don't suggest connecting 2 independent battery packs together for any 3 wheel scooter.

electric scooter battery

There will be differences in capacity and voltage between different eco friendly electric scooter batteries. Putting batteries in series for electric scooters for adults results in an unbalanced state between the 2 (or more) batteries at all times. One of the battery packs will be consistently over charged and one consistently over discharged. This creates instability in the electrical continuity during all charging and discharging cycles and reduces all of the electric scooter batteries’ capacities to hold energy. This technique sounds good in theory, but it significantly reduces battery cycle life. It is important for 3 wheel scooters to remain a simplified hardware-based system for easy maintenance. Connecting 2 or more high technology battery packs together requires a significant amount of internal computer hardware and software. The software to manage the battery series would complicate the system and require continuous software updating to operate the batteries properly as they age in operation. Answer: A single battery pack for any 3 wheel scooter is the best choice. The single battery pack in your Triad electric scooter for adults manages the weight capacity, max speed, and battery life much better at 15 mph, 18 mph, and maximum speed. Learn more about Triad Electric Vehicles automotive grade electric scooter batteries.

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