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Research Proves 3 Biggest Factors before choosing an electric scooter

Updated: Apr 28

Doing extensive research amidst a flood of products on the internet proves of value before making a commitment to owning any personal electric vehicle. Here are the 3 biggest factors to consider before making a purchase.

#1: The Battery

Determine if its Lead Acid or a BMS powered Lithium battery.

The Triad Electric Vehicles battery is a BMS powered automotive grade lithium battery. Its one small 8*6*4 size battery that weighs only 6 lbs but has the power of 500 laptops. It's the same cell type that goes into modern electric cars like Tesla Long Range, the Mercedes EQS all electric sedan, the all-electric Porsche Taycan and all other major automotive manufactures making electric cars today. When comparing any all electric trike or mobility device, the #1 factor is battery. Compared to the Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries our competitors use, Triad batteries have 100X more usable power for 5-8 years of continuous daily use, are 10X lighter, have discharge to depths of nearly 100% (compared to SLA discharge depth of 50%); Triad batteries can be recharged fully in a fraction of the time and have 12X compounded lifespan of our competitors’ lead acid batteries.

The single battery that comes included with your Triad could save you over $4000 in lead acid battery replacement costs and countless hours of downtime. Load and environmental resistance demand more power. As you continue to draw power out of a lead acid battery, the internal resistance weakens the voltage. The SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery cuts off at about 50% which is much sooner than you will expect it to. If you try and use lead acid batteries for high powered electric scooters, you will actually get less energy out of that battery which will result in less distance, frequent battery changes and much higher maintenance costs over a short period of time.

With your Triad battery, you will enjoy the many benefits like faster charging, better voltage stability, more advanced safety systems, and reduced weight and size. These benefits and total costs make this a no-brainer. Nothing else even comes close.

When discharging at the high rate required for electric scooters, lead-acid batteries suffer from the Peukert effect. Triad batteries are NOT affected by this phenomenon. SLA batteries, plainly put, are not efficient in any way. They simply just waste energy based on Peukert's Law.

Peukert's Law Graph

Lead acid batteries prevalent in all gas powered cars, but only because there is a gas engine powering an alternator to charge the battery every time you run the motor. When you eliminate the alternator, your car dies in about 2 days. You can’t have an all-electric vehicle no matter what the size, using old, antiquated lead acid batteries. That’s why there are modern automotive grade lithium batteries today.

#2 Electrical Continuity

Electricity should always be engineered to transmit efficiently from one place to another. It’s the best and safest way to use electromechanical engineering. Electrical resistance is undesirable in the conductor wiring in any circuit, but especially in automotive applications where high voltages are required to move a person completely by battery power.

Resistance burns up wires quickly. The electrical charge has a hard time moving through the circuit and it builds up heat during operations. Heat is the enemy of electrical continuity.

But they cheat! When our competitors place 48v of batteries on the vehicle which uses 24v components, like in their 24v motors, 24v controllers, 24v throttle, essentially all the components that operate the vehicle, then the smaller 24v wiring those components are built with, overloads heat in the components because the product has 48v of batteries packed on sending 2X more power than the wiring can handle. This will work for a little while, but eventually all the electrical components are going to fail because they are not made to hold 48v of power, they are only made to carry 24v. The same end result is for any 36v components when they run 48v of batteries.

Our competitors, in their need to compete, add extra batteries so they can say they have a 48v system like Triad, so in their marketing and sales pitches, they can't be held to false advertising, but they are completely misleading everyone in their attempts, and fundamentally they are cutting the lifespan of the product by 50% at the time it is built. Here today gone tomorrow home show imitators don’t give you all the facts. Electrical continuity cannot be repaired or fixed. Wiring and electrical continuity has to be engineered properly and installed properly when the product is built. This is where certifications and standardization in manufacturing is important. Competitor products do not conform to these standards, they don’t want certifications, because their goal is to cut corners to increase profits. Its impossible to get certified when you have improper electrical continuity. It will NOT pass and this practice reduces the lifespan of product overall.   

If you have a 48v battery, then you need a 48v motor, and all the components need to be 48v, headlight, tail light, throttle, speed switch, controller, EVERYTHING has to be 48v, and all the wiring has to be engineered to carry 48v for proper electrical continuity.

Similar looking imitation products do not have proper electrical continuity, and it’s the biggest manufacturing defect from the time their products are built. It cannot be fixed, it cannot be replaced, all the wiring and all the components have to be installed properly in the first place.

#3 Motor

Advancing the Stall Current is a major No No Competing products have the voltage power from the battery to the motor amplified so high that there is no free current left in the motor. This practice is widely used in micro mobility and its known as advancing the stall current. This automatically creates an extremely rapid deterioration of the battery, motor, components and computer causing total unit failures and safety risks from the very first day it was made. They take a lower motor, say 170W most commonly and amplify it 3X and give you the Peak wattage (510w) and call it a 500. YIKES! When you disassemble it and count the windings and measure the magnets, SURPRISE! Its a 170w motor over amped in the controller to generate 3X more power than engineered. We call it false power.

Rating Motors by Peak Power is completely misleading Our competitors rate their motors on Peak Power to try and compete. Its a 500, its an 800, its a 1200 watt motor! More wattage! Its better! Fake stats, and untrue. At peak power Triad motors peak at 1500 for the dual rear drive and 2250w for the front wheel drive 750W motor. But that peak power is only applicable for a split second. Peak power is power that a battery can discharge over a very short period of time to support the surge of power required to start the vehicle from a dead stop. Continuous power is the true rating, its the amount of power that a battery discharges to continuously power a device after it's already started under full weight capacity or load. Continuous power. Our competitors use smaller motors that look like our motors, but they are not the same. IMPORTANT LAW: Any motor rating listed over 750W is beyond DOT and ADA laws and CANNOT be used indoors, or in bike lanes or sidewalks. We rate our motors on continuous power, to the maximum legal limit. We invented the 750W motor. There's no gimmick. For Indoors / Outdoors / All Public Spaces - and Certified.

Electrical Continuity - Again? Yes. Definitely.

Having the correct electrical continuity throughout the entire vehicle components, and especially to the motor is paramount. You just can’t build a quality vehicle with a 24v motor and slap on 2 extra 12V batteries to call it a 48V system. Its 100% unsustainable and destroys the entire product from the inside out from day one of it being built.


Competing products ultimately do not meet any standardization in the manufacturing process. They do not have certifications to meet industrial requirements. They will not sustain any rigorous use for long periods of time, and they will be discarded immediately for any fleet operations with companies or people who understand electromechanical engineering. Similar looking products’ SLA batteries not hold any long term value due to high hidden replacement costs. And equally important, the lack of proper electrical engineering in those competing products do not offer any significant long term reliability for use with people over 180 lbs. because the motors are 3X smaller than they claim they are, and they cant be made for use in high resistance areas like grass, gravel, dirt bike paths, compact sand, or inclines over 8°.

Triad Electric Vehicles by contrast are certified to exceed the industrial standards for electrical continuity, which provides exceptional value for recreational and private owners because they are built to withstand continued rigorous daily use in heavy industry work environments. Private owners take better care of their items, on average, use the product less, and Triad's higher quality product will last even longer in private use to provide greater value over longer periods of time, with less maintenance.

Triad batteries last 24X longer under daily use and reduce battery replacement costs by 600% over time. Triad batteries are modern automotive grade UL listed cells with leading edge safety technology built in to take all the guesswork out of maintenance so even in long term dormant storage you can understand the state of charge and battery health 24/7 365 with the push of a button.

Triad motors are rated on continuous power, not peak power. That ultimately means our motors will last much longer even while operating with more weight, they are engineered to produce less electrical resistance, less drag, and generate less heat throughout the conductive wiring. This preserves the electrical integrity of the entire system, while increasing the efficiency of the motors to perform under higher weight capacities under load, including those intended uses in high resistance areas like grass, gravel, dirt bike paths, compact sand, and up to 30° inclines.Should you have any additional questions, please contact us today at 855-648-7423 to speak to a qualified sales representative who can help you build your order for the most powerful, longest lasting 3 wheel all electric trike available for indoor and outdoor use.

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