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Motor Power + Proper Engineering = Performance

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Our vehicles are rated for people up to 350 lbs and we test these limits with an average of 220 lb. rider in real world situations. In that "real world" means lower than expected tire pressure, over high resistance areas like grass, gravel and steep 17-30 degree inclines.

The heavier the load, the more power the battery will require, the shorter the distance you can travel. So to decrease drag, if a person is over 280 lbs and they are towing another 200 lbs for example, you should be sure to maximize your tire pressure to decrease drag and increase distance performance.

Average we see in daily operations the distance under stop and go conditions, up and down hills, over grass and paved areas a distance performance of 16-18 miles before a charge would be recommended. The battery is rated for up to 25 miles for a 220 lb rider, but that is at low speed. Our clients typically are bigger people, drive faster and go over much more areas than the typical scooter can go so we are a bit more conservative on the distance to account for those averages. Triad invented the 1000W Quantum Dual Rear Drive model to serve as a better option in this case. It has dual independently controlled REAR motors which split the rider weight in half, produce increased torque to reduce the drag load and create optimal performance with instant traction and increased power.

Here are a few more links to read about our Automotive Grade Battery Performance, Energy Efficiency, Energy Density and Cycle Life

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