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Why Not to Buy Electric Scooters from 3rd Party Resellers

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Top 5 Reasons Why Not to Buy Electric Scooters from 3rd Party Resellers like Walmart and Amazon

5. 3rd party resellers do not take responsibility for customer service because they have no product knowledge. A 3rd party reseller is defined as anyone who is not the manufacturer – e.g. the 3rd party reseller is typically a random importer that has no control over production and supply chain. Amazon, Overstock and Walmart would be examples of 4th parties because they are processing the sale and the order is being commissioned to them by the 3rd party.

4. Technical assistance and questions about functionality only get you the runaround until the 30 day warranty runs out. There are endless reviews of people frustrated by this primarily because they did not fully understand the importance of purchasing these kinds of products directly from the manufacturer who supports the product they make.

Example Overstock Order Customer Review: “We received the scooter and rode it 2 days and it no longer works. It lost power and now no longer turns on. We emailed vendor and have yet to receive a response. Extremely disappointed. $*** apparently lost. - Kim M. May 5, 2020”

- What she did not realize from ordering from Overstock/3rd party reseller is that product likely sat on a shelf for months before the 3rd party reseller finally sold it. Now the battery is dead from day one for her because it’s not newly manufactured, and she is dealing with all 5 reasons in this article.

3. 3rd party sales automatically void any OEM warranties to 1st party purchasers. Manufacturers always provide support to the 1st party purchaser. Since the reseller is most likely providing a drop ship order from the original purchaser of the equipment, the 3rd party reseller cannot hold the warranty, and the secret to this problem is that they are selling it to an end user with a nontransferable factory warranty only eligible to the 1st party purchaser. The end user, generally the 5th party in these sales, gets left holding the bag and no recourse or way to get technical information or solutions whatsoever.

2. Products sold by resellers generally have incorrect specifications.

Example of Features & Specifications with corrective details for 350W 3 wheel scooters being sold online by 3rd party resellers and random importers.

Online Specs of a 350 Watt 3 Wheel Electric Scooter

Motor power: 350 Watt Brushless Hub Motor - Most 350W scooters with 3 12v batteries are actually 170W motors with the controller amplified 2x over the limit.

Battery: Three 12v 12ah Batteries (36v total)

- These are the lowest energy batteries available and require constant replacement.

Max Weight Capacity: 220 Lbs.

- Max weight capacity for a 350W motor is 75 kg or 165 lbs. 220 lbs. capacity is instantly overloading the motor battery and causing stress on all the electronic components compounding the electrical malfunctions of the entire product.

Recommended Age: 13 and up

- Should say, Recommended for up to Age 13. This 350W lead acid scooter should not be sold to adults. This is just not a product that's made for adult use.

Battery System: 36 Volts 10Ah (Three 12v Batteries)

- This is the oldest known battery still in use today. It is the heaviest and least valuable. This is 19th century battery technology. 19th Century!!!

Charger Included

Battery life: Over 300 charges

- Lead acid batteries typically provide 200 charge cycles or less, as they are being overloaded with too much weight capacity, bottle necking of energy from improper component voltages, and they never fully charge back up. The energy density of SLA batteries deteriorates quickly during inactivity, charging and during discharging. SLA battery performance fluctuates highly based on external temperature and load capacity. This is why lead acid batteries have not been put into electric cars since the1930’s.

Rated Speed: 15+ MPH (weight dependent)

- Yes this product will go 15 mph IF you are under 165 lbs. but only on flat roadways or downhill.

Range per charge: 20-25 Miles*

- A person that weighs less than 90 lbs. can get 20 miles out of this type of battery. For an average adult of 180 lbs. this distance rating should instantly be cut in half.

Recharge time: 4-8hrs

- Lead acid batteries will require 8 hours for a full recharge, but cannot recharge fully. As the battery is recharged the battery chemistry is plagued by grid corrosion of the positive electrode, depletion of the active material and expansion of the positive plates. For more info on battery comparisons click here.

Climbing Ability: 10 Degrees

- According to electromechanical lab testing reports for certification, a true 350W motor only has a 7-degree climbing ability at the maximum weight capacity of 165 lbs. (75 kg.).

Seat: Wide Saddle

Front Wheel Diameter: 16/2.125 inch air filled tires

- Very thin tires do not gain much traction.

Rear Tires Diameter: 4/2.125 inch air filled tires

- Very small diameter rear tires equally thin do not support the claimed weight limit. At full PSI the weight maximum for this tire is 250 lbs. capacity.

Shipping Weight: 83 lbs.

Shipping Carton Size: 31x19x27 inches

Scooter Dimensions: Length: 41 inches, Width: 27 inches

Folded Height: 29 inches

Ground Clearance: 4.25 inches

Warranty: 30 days parts replacement.

- Ok, but, with no technical assistance from the 4th, or 3rd party, and no direct way to contact the manufacturer, how are you supposed to get a proper diagnostic about any parts where no product knowledge is available? How can this be done within 30 days? What happens after 30 days? There is no solution for this problem.

Scooter Weight: 78 Lbs. Electric Trike 36v 350w

July 16, 2019 - 350-Watt Electric Trike Review

"It keeps blowing the fuse as soon as it's under a load. I took to Batteries Plus, spent another $150 for 3 brand new batteries. had the wire it, and still blows the fuse everytime. Can't seem to get any help or support, and received it as a gift so they wont honor warranty to repair or replace it. Sold by Walmart; Reviewed by Jrastazz"

- 4th party sold the item, 3rd party has no responsibility and 30 days of runaround to the end user. Because it was a gift, the end user is actually the 6th party who is left empty handed and out of luck. This vehicle is not made to carry an adult. It is blowing fuses because the controller is over amplified beyond what it was designed for and this is a problem which will continuously persist inherently. It cannot be fixed.

1. You can usually get a better deal with more value by ordering direct to the actual manufacturer.

- By ordering directly through Triad Electric Vehicles, a certified 3-wheel electric scooter manufacturer, you will receive a higher quality product which is made for adults and built to withstand commercial applications and rigorous daily use. Value is quantified by the amount of time you have the product under consistent use with the least amount of service related issues.

For more information call Triad at 1-855-648-7423. Email:

Triad Quantum Dual 1000W Rear Drive 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Adults

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