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Choosing your 3 Wheel Scooter Tires

Updated: Apr 28

The Front wheel drive 750 CSX offers more top speed with the front wheel drive 750 watt motor and it tops out at 25 mph. Although, the knobby tire can certainly can be of benefit with the FWD SF2 or CSX models, because they've got loads of power to the front wheel. Concerns where you need more traction like on grass and gravel, or dirt bike path areas do get more traction out of the front wheel with the knobby tire, however if you’re going to be operating the vehicle in those off road or off paved areas more frequently, you will get more traction and more torque and no front wheel spin from the Quantum Dual model. The Triad Quantum Dual has independently controlled rear drive motors with 1000W of total motor power.

The knobby tire isn't really necessary on the rear driver Quantum model because the traction comes from the back rear motors. The street tire delivers a smoother ride on concrete and paved areas, and on the off paved areas there’s no real discernible difference in steering because the power and traction is coming from the rear. The rear drive motors a more advantageous for off road areas because they work more efficiently in this sense with 1000 watts of total motor power. They split the bodyweight of the rider in half, and you’re standing or sitting squarely on top of motors so you can get increased torque, increased traction, and increased power. It’s a more versatile option for high resistance areas where the operation is over grass, gravel, dirt bike paths, and up steeper inclines. Having that said, some people just like the look of the knobby tire. We can put the knobby tire on the Quantum for aesthetic purposes if you like it, no problem. It is more aggressive looking, and for cold environments, inclement weather, sandy dry desert environments or rocky and really bumpy areas it’s a good choice. The rear drive model has a slightly lower top speed, but the torque and traction are increased. Top speed is 18 mph, which you cant really tell the difference between the 2, because the acceleration is significantly more noticeable because the Triad Quantum Dual Rear Drive 1000W model provides instant traction over all environments. The best choice depends on what you like, and or how its being used.

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