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5 Amazing Places to take your Triad

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Triad Electric Vehicles is not just a vehicle! Its a lifestyle!

Our Triad team has taken the Triad aross the U.S. to live for alittle while and gather some research and we have come up with 5 of some of the most amazing places to take your Triad! Want to add to this list! Send us your photos to along with your story!

Delray and Miami Beach, Florida

Delray and Miami Beach have some of the most amazing beach towns great for gliding with your Triad. There are very few regulations and the weather is amazing year round for cruising outdoors! You will have no problems with the locals because they know exactly what to do when they see your Triad. Ask where you got it and hop on one right along side you! This is a cruising city and we had a blast staying there with our Triads!

Laguna Beach, California

This is the perfect environment for the SF2 and CSX models. Inclines are no problem for the Triad 750 and we had one adventure after the next with our Triad Electric Scooters for adults. WOW! Enjoy the amazing Euro beach strip of Laguna Niguel with great shopping and cool breezes. Its also the ideal setting to walk your dog on your Triad while your hair is blowing in the breeze! Warm days and cool nights this place is literally paradise. Fold your Triad up inside a taxi and you are nearby other towns that are super close like the lazy Dana Point!

Honolulu Hawaii and Kona, Hawaii

Well of course we couldn't start a newsletter without paying homage to our beautiful Hawaii, home of the Triad. We kept the best for last! There is very little space for parking in Honolulu so the Triad is almost as necessary as legs and feet on this island. Ride up and down the main streets and commute on the bus by parking it right up front. Its the most amazing way to get around town! And Kona! Well Kona is a small but vast island made up of 8 climate zones and multiple different terrain from ocean seaside to lava rock and with the Triad you can do it all! You can even ride inside hotels and catch a break at the restaurant and have a beverage and a snack and they will have no problem! After all its the island way! Aloha!

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