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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Its no big revelation that electric scooters are going to change the world. When Triad was first emerging on the scene nearly ten years ago there were very few scooters in the market place and it took a long good effort to introduce and then educate and encourage the acceptance of our imports internationally. Now the U.S. is on the way to this well known expanding innovation and its very exciting!

Innovation has given way to the current scooter advancements, but the rapid expansion comes from consumer excitement for this evolution in riding technology.

According to an article from Medium

"Steve Jobs believed the electric scooter for adults would make a bigger impact than personal computers and that cities would be redesigned around them. A city with 10,000 scooters would then reduce emissions by 35,000,000 grams, or 35 metric tons daily. Scale that up across 500 cities which is approximately the number of cities in the world with more than one million people, and we’re now mitigating 17,500 metrics tons of carbon each day."

And an article in the Washington Post states:

"Environmental analysts typically combine these embedded impacts with those of actual operation, then express the product’s greenhouse gas emissions on a per-mile basis. Assuming a scooter travels a little over 30,000 miles in its lifetime, it produces about 0.4 pounds of greenhouse gas per mile, 30 percent more than tailpipe emissions alone. Electric scooters are a better option. They generate 0.14 pounds of greenhouse gas per mile."

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