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Quality. Durability. Simplicity. Value.

The Original Triad 750 electric scooter was engineered and tested in Hawaii for over a year before it was released to the public. Our first sale of 75 vehicles was sold to a rental location and retailer in Hawaii with our state of the art battery and one of a kind motors along with all the attention to detail we honor all of our customers with.


The owner of the rental and retail store in Hawaii wanted something that could meet customers at the port when the cruise ships docked in front of his location. Many of those customers wanted to enjoy the island but couldn't sustain the long walks and the sometimes rugged terrain of the mountains and roads that went in and around shops and nature preserves. They wanted to tour, but were limited to short walking paths.

The ideal transporter had to be gentle enough to protect the sacred lands and at the same time make it up steep, somewhat overwhelming inclines. Additionally, it had to be safe and quiet enough to respectfully ride inside hotel lobbies, restaurants and shops. The Triad was the only vehicle our client could find to do that for him. It offered standing freedom with an advanced foot platform, and then sit down abilities when gliding past scenery. The battery had to last to meet a rigorous rental application, and it had to be powerful enough with excellent braking, and low maintenance! 

Triad offered multiple modification options for his vast array of needs for customers of all sizes, and engineering simplicity to ensure his satisfaction from production to delivery and routine maintenance. From there our 3 wheel electric scooters expanded into the mainland nationwide until we grew and enhanced our vehicle into what it is internationally today.

We began with the custom manufacturing to a retail and rental store and continue in that same tradition with an expanded product line to offer all your customer needs.

Thank you for your Interest

We ask that you please complete this request form and an associate will contact you once it has been submitted to answer any and all questions you may have about becoming an Authorized Retailer of our vehicles. We offer comprehensive packages to meet the specifications of your showroom and business size once the application process is approved.


Check out this fun Triad Electric Vehicles cameo from Season 1 Episode 9 of the hit show "Almost Paradise". The American-Philippine crime drama television series produced by Dean Devlin and Gary Rosen. The hit series was renewed for a second season on Amazon Freevee, with all 10 episodes premiering on July 21, 2023. Great show! Check it out! 

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