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The world's premiere 3 wheel scooter manufacturer with the most powerful certified 750 Watt Motor exclusive to Triad; highest rated for quality and customer satisfaction! Triad innovations include state of the art enhancements, up to 11 vibrant colors to choose from, and superior performance for up to 1200 charges. Call 855-648-7423 today to tell us about your needs and ask about our exclusive Triad Signature Line!  Find your freedom today with a Triad scooter!



Customize your order


We work business to business to fulfill your needs with the highest quality 3 wheel scooters at direct manufacturer discount prices. When value matters, you can depend on Triad as the industry leader to be the highest quality, longest lasting, safest and most powerful 3 wheel scooter available. Submit your wholesale adult scooter request below to begin your  order now! Call 855-64-TRIAD to speak to a qualified sales representative to answer any questions you may have.



Electric Industrial Utility Vehicles

Our specific 3 wheel scooter has been tailored specifically with integral performance upgrades to meet commercial safety and reliability requirements. Our industrial three wheel electric trike comes equipped with proprietary manufacturing details so they can be been depended on daily by some of the most well known Fortune 500 companies. Find out more! Call 855-64-TRIAD

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Make time for life's special moments


Triad electric scooter with seat is designed for the savvy adult seeking to maintain their independence with the best possible product for the longest reliability and lowest cost of maintenance.  Whether its the electric scooter adult for practical, medical, or social use the Triad three wheel electric scooter is engineered to suit your needs with personalized customizable options. Our foldable mobility scooter offers the most safety features available and state-of-the-art technology even for off road and heavy adults.  Find your freedom today! Call 855-648-7423



Comfort and Safety

We have assisted a vast array of professionals globally. Security, college campus, hotel, hospital, and convention center administrators to personnel in airports, convention venues, and more. Triad has engineered value and reliability into the three wheel electric scooter with power and performance, long distance travel and the lowest cost of maintenance. Ideal for any work setting. Call 855-64-TRIAD


Let us help you on your journey

The Triad 750 3 wheel electric scooter was designed nearly a decade ago in the mountains of Hawaii-one of the most ecological diverse places in the world with 8 extreme climate zones, and tested internationally on 6 continents. Whether you are a RV camper, a store who may be renting an adult electric trikes and bikes for tourism, or maybe traveling to your next destination, the lightweight and powerful Triad three wheel scooter can do it all! Its the best adult scooter that can also flys with you on commercial airlines! Call 855-64-TRIAD for more details.


Find the perfect product for your business


Triad Electric Vehicles 3 wheel scooter are built for wholesale distribution with quality packaging, shipping, and outstanding service for your business. We have tailored programs to fit your business model and a diverse product line including the Quantum Dual which can be used as an off road three wheel scooter to offer your e trike customers. Call 855-64-TRIAD




Find the answers for the best 3 wheel scooter you have been looking for.


Find out why our three wheel electric scooter battery technology is the best in class.


Read this critical consumer report. Don't settle for an inferior electric scooter for adults.

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Ask the Experts.    

Call 855-648-7423

High quality engineering standards, high quality three wheel scooter components, motors and batteries are the heart and soul of our products. The Triad Worry-Free parts policy ensures your company is prepared in advance for years of reliable use from the time of purchase.

“Triad’s latest 1000W Quantum Dual model offers better performance and riding experience than any other 3 wheel electric scooter on the market with a value second to none.”

Doing all the research about these kinds of products takes time many people just don’t have to spend. They depend on specs or reviews that lead to more questions than answers. Whether for personal or commercial use, you need three wheel scooter facts to make the best decision.

All of our components are 48V and are made to withstand the correct electrical continuity of the battery natural output power. Our three wheel scooter competitors use 12V and 24V components but amplify and push 36 and 48V of power from the battery through the controller to use peak power at all times. This technique stresses the entire electrical system, causes rapid deterioration of the controller, can overheat and melt the wires causing shorts, drains the batteries much faster and ultimately destroys all the electrical components. This stress destroys electric motors and burns up the batteries 3 times faster.  

"Call Triad to speak with a specialist who understands the entire marketplace to make the best purchasing decision for you."

Whether it may be one unit or 50, as the manufacturer we need to know how to build the best three wheel scooter order for you. More often than not all your research leads to being inundated with false claims and salespeople who aren’t manufacturers. Many three wheel scooter sellers don’t even have the basic working knowledge to understand how the product they are selling works.

"For over 10 years Triad Electric Vehicles has become the most trusted brand for Fortune 500 Company clients, large administrative organizations, convention centers and single unit owners who use them for professional and commercial use, personal mobility and recreation."

From the very beginning, quality and performance is what established us as the manufacturing leader in the folding electric 3 wheel scooter industry.

Get More Value.

Call 855-648-7423

Triad only uses the highest quality electronics for our 3 wheel scooter for adults. We have pioneered the most advanced battery technology available for our motorized three wheel scooter for adults. All Triad models offer electric scooter with seat, heavy-duty disc brakes for rider safety, pneumatic tires that last 300% longer, and custom color options. Additionally, Triad uses a superior quick charger, has multiple levels of in-line surge protection, upgraded rust preventative hardware, superior components, high density branded reusable packaging for shipping, offers the longest warranty in the industry, multiple certifications to ensure product quality and much more.


  • Motorized scooters built to withstand years of rigorous use.

  • The 3 wheel scooter for adults with Bluetooth Digital Battery Management System.

  • 100% Electric.

  • Zero Emissions.

  • Zero Air pollution.

  • No driver’s license is required.

  • High Speeds up to 25 mph with 3 speed switch to govern indoor use.

  • Removable Seat for Adults.

  • ADA Compliant for Indoor and Outdoor use.

  • May be used for commuter scooter, commercial use or personal mobility.

  • Average charge time under 40 minutes.

  • Average range even without being fully charged over 15 miles.

  • TSA approved for air travel.

  • The most powerful 750-Watt motor available for increased power and torque.

  • 1000W total high torque motor power for the Rear Drive Triad Quantum Dual.

  • Ultra-Lightweight 48V Battery.

  • Increased maximum climbing ability.

  • Disc Braking System on all models.

  • Folding Design Handlebar and Frame options.

  • No dis-assembly required for transport.

  • A decreased, tighter more maneuverable turning radius.

  • Higher maximum speed.

  • Maximum power available for highest weight capacity up to 350 lbs.

  • Increased travel range per charge.

  • Less maintenance for a longer lifespan than Segway Ninebot.

  • Pneumatic Tires

Style, quality, performance and price are all critical factors to offering customers the best electric scooters for sale products on the market. Quality is just as important as reasonable pricing.

Make the comparison to any of Triad’s competitors, and you’ll find that that the Triad brand 3 wheel scooter will exceed your expectations for high performance, quality and value. Customers are more informed and educated now than ever before. Those who purchase the Triad 750 and get more value and long term use from the original purchase. More quality, better warranty, longer battery life, shorter charge times, more power, lighter weight, more safety, color options, and more!

We are 3 Wheel Electric Scooters

Triad Electric Vehicles is a wholesale manufacturer of custom made 3 wheel scooters for adults with a growing roster clients and customers around the world.

Triad is recognized as the leader of the industry, producing the best 3 wheel personal electric vehicles that consistently outperform all other similar looking imitation products with power and performance that exceeds expectations. Triad is proud to offer our clients and customers an entire line of vehicles that have bench-marked quality, performance reliability and value.

Because of our consistent commitment to building a quality 3 wheel scooter and customer service, since 2011, Triad has enjoyed steady growth and productivity and our customer base continues to increase significantly.

Our accomplished revolutionary objectives created a product that has been designed by Americans for Americans. The Triad line of three wheel electric scooters for adults offers the lightest weight vehicles of their kind with most powerful motor, up to 4X increased natural power and torque, up to 24X battery lifetime, ADA compliant frame sizes for use in all public environments including commercial flights and cruise ships, the highest quality electrical components, rust preventative hardware, built in safety standards, ISO, CE, TUV, EMC, RoHS certifications, and more.

Just as important, Triad has built a brand that is trusted by consumers worldwide who are the true beneficiaries of the accomplishments we have earned. The national and international market is expanding and opportunities are here now for business owners, retailers, corporations, organizations, facility administrators and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this burgeoning marketplace.

Triad custom manufactures three wheel personal electric vehicles for those who want the most powerful and highest quality products of their kind.

Triad Industrial and Commercial 3 Wheel Scooters


Personal electric 3 wheel scooters for adults are quickly becoming a more widely used choice for commercial and industrial applications and it’s a clear choice that the Triad 750 model and Triad’s new 1000W Quantum Dual rear drive model are on top of the list. From the very beginning, quality and performance is what established Triad as the manufacturing leader of the 3-wheel personal electric vehicle industry.


Replacing aging equipment with a fleet of new Triads is affordable and ecologically sustainable.


Companies always need ways to increase productivity by moving their people over large areas to save time. Companies are consistency look for ways to increase productivity while reducing the high costs of transportation acquisition and fleet maintenance. Bottom line, together with your Triad  powerful 3 wheel scooters we can do more in less time.


Rule #1 of Owning a Personal Electric Vehicle. Don’t throw good money after bad.


Sure, there are a lot of products that are out there that look like the Original Triad Electric Vehicles. None of them, not one, performs the same, and once you really know the differences the choice is clear. Triad is really the only option for a reliable three wheel scooter. Here’s just a few reasons why. 

Triad’s square tube engineering provide the best angles for welding. Our competitors use round tubing for frames because it’s less expensive, but round tubing creates weak weld points and makes for the cause broken frames. Broken frames are hard to fix and don’t inspire much confidence in the safety of the product. The thing is when this happens, its already too late.  


Triad motors are rated on continuous power - not peak power. Our competitors rate their motors on peak power. Peak power as a rating for electric motors in our opinion is deceptive and inaccurate because a motor that is working is expected to constantly output what its listed output wattage is. Competitor motors constant motor power is only 1/3 of the listed wattage which means the motor is always under stress. Stress on the motor creates heat and burns out the components. This stress destroys electric motors and burns up the batteries 3 times faster.  


Spend your time wisely looking for the right product.


Doing all the research on the right 3 wheel electric scooter takes a lot of research and time. Imitation products out there have advertisements inundated with false claims and the issue is further compounded with salespeople that don’t even have knowledge of how the product they are selling. This is why Triad scooters have become brand of choice to Fortune 500 corporations and trusted by thousands of clients worldwide. We design and engineer our products and can provide the details you need for many years of reliable use for your 3 wheel scooters.

Understanding the key components that make a high quality long lasting 3 wheel electric scooter is required to make an educated purchasing decision. Learn about the key components that make Triad the highest quality, longest lasting 3 wheel electric transportation on the market today.


Price is what you pay, value is what you get.


High quality engineering standards, high quality components, motors and batteries are the heart and soul of Triad Electric Vehicles three wheel electric scooter. The Triad Worry-Free parts policy ensures you’re prepared in advance for years of reliable use from the time of purchase.


Triad  is the leader in the industry who continues to offer the most powerful, most reliable and highest quality three wheel electric scooter and personal electric vehicles available.

When it’s done right the first time, you invest less time and money over the long term. Trust value is only truly determined over years of reliable operations. Call us today. You’ll be happy you did.

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