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Front Wire Basket
Knobby Front Tire
Front Street Tire
Non Marking Indoor Tire
Standard Seat
Black Locking Trunk
Silver Locking Trunk
Phone Charger
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Triad 750 SF2


  • 100% Electric Scooter Adult Electric Scooter with Seat 

  • Exclusively the most powerful 750W motor available.

  • Super Heavy Duty adult tricycle front suspension for smooth ride.

  • Up to 25 miles per charge.

  • 3 speed switch. 5 mph / 12 mph / 25 mph.

  • Variable Speed Wrist Throttle like a motorcycle.

  • Total unit weight only 67 lbs.

  • 29″ Wide, 38″ Long and 30″H with the Neck folded.

  • Increased maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.

  • Green, Yellow, Red LED light battery charge indicator.

  • 3 Wheel design is safe for ages 12 – 75+

  • ADA compliant for indoor and outdoor use.

  • No external wires at the foot platform.

  • One ultra light 6 lb. 48V Dry Cell Battery.

  • Full recharge in less than 4 hours.

  • Heavy duty charger with auto-shut off prevents overcharging.

  • Maximum climbing ability of any vehicle in its class.

  • Disc brake with maximum stopping power. The only vehicle of its kind that can stop on inclines.

  • Fully adjustable brake pad with floating caliper.

  • Parking brake.

  • Upgraded Folding Handlebar with improved locking mechanism.

  • No dis-assembly required for transport.

  • 360 degree turning radius.

  • Super bright LED headlight and brake light and tail light.

  • Super Heavy Duty Rubber pneumatic front and rear tires.

  • Highest quality bearings.

  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum hardware.

  • Universal size bicycle seat.

  • XL Seat and Backrest available.

  • Electric Scooter with Seat and Removable seat post.


2nd Charger Port
Folding Front Pegs
Remote and Alarm
Thumb Throttle
Right Side Break Lever
Folding Adjustable Neck
Alloy Folding Handle Bar
Non-Folding Neck Rentals
Shock Bench Seat SE SF2
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The SF2 Model is our second generation Triad 750 adult scooter with a suspension shock fork to smooth out those bumps in the road. The SF2 adult tricycle provides additional versatility for off road electric scooter surfaces like dirt bike paths, compact gravel and grassy areas. You can also add a heavy duty front street tire for this is the fastest electric scooter with higher ground clearance or a front knobby tire for extra traction on the Triad 750 SF2 three wheel scooter. 

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