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How to Combat Inflation

Updated: Apr 28

Start by using less fuel. 15 miles for a 5 cents is a great way to get around and its super inexpensive with access to charge your Triad at every 110V outlet in the country.

How does 30 miles for a dime sound? That is 60X less expensive than the national average for a gallon of gas right now. That is what you can do with Triad personal electric vehicles. Every 15 mile charge is a nickel in electric transportation power. With your own Triad you can spend less at the pump and "fill up" for a nickel on every 15 miles you go on your new Triad 3 wheel electric scooter.

What about this news about Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022? The new Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 is largely dependent on enforcement by the Federal Maritime Commission and at this time they only have 1 investigator for every $1Trillion in commerce. (SEC by comparison has 150 investigators for every $1T)

Demurrage and detention charges are the only fees that can be investigated by the FMC. These demurrage and detention fees have increased 104% from 2020 to 2021 across the world’s 20 largest ports, but someone has to blow the whistle on the inside before an investigation is filed. Would you agree, it's highly unlikely that Walmart (massive volume) for example is going to file a report to the FMC against their ocean freight shipper to force an investigation for the federal government to levy massive fines on the companies behind the scenes that are delivering their goods to store shelves?

Think about it. No investigation for any small businesses will ever move the needle. And small business makes up the majority of commerce in the USA. A lengthy, expensive investigation must take place, and months of an investigation must be made before any fine can be levied against that shipper. That fee will be need to be high, and the fine can't be high without massive volume. Small businesses do not have massive volume individually for independent investigations by the FMC. *Demurrage and detention fees are due because the ships are backed up and not offloaded in time and this is happening all over the world. It’s the costs required to keep the ships running at sea while they are waiting to offload. Fees that are passed on to consumers for fuel and HR labor on board. Plus lack of containers driving up empty container fees, shortage of drivers who will wait at the ports and not get paid while they are not traveling (drivers get paid by the mile, not by waiting to collect a trailer), their fuel cost increases, etc. all passed on the consumer after retail markup on the shelf. These fees ultimately have to be paid.

The only option is for you to take control and decrease your own gasoline fuel consumption by limiting the amount that is burned on a personal level. Mitigate your fuel consumption by using a dependable Triad personal electric vehicle for daily tasks and increase your personal freedom while reducing dependence of high gas prices. Call 855-648-7423 or email us at for more information on how to order your own Triad today. Choose from 4 different models.

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