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Digital Battery Management is a Must Have

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Example screenshot of Triad Battery Management app


The BMS (battery management system) built in your Triad battery is extremely important to be able to monitor the health of the battery over its lifetime. Known as a smart battery pack, its basically a built in computer made that sends valuable data to your via Bluetooth connection from your Triad battery to your smartphone app. This is not a common component on 3 wheel scooters and is more commonly found inside today's electric cars instead. Because our electric trike battery is the automotive grade quality, it is important that you have our Triad electronic Smart BMS system to manage and protect your battery from operating outside its safe zones. The BMS system reads the temperature and voltages of each cell, calculates and reports data in real time to your app; controls the battery environment, and balances the battery cells during charging. The system monitors the battery state during operations and while charging over its lifetime. Triad's exclusive battery monitoring technology also includes a thermal management protection system to prevent electrical malfunction. Our Bluetooth BMS Protection System Includes: * Over-current protection * Over-voltage protection (during charging) * Under-voltage protection (during discharging) * Over-temperature protection * Under-temperature protection * Ground fault or leakage current detection Triad BMS system is standard on all 2021 models. This entire system can be retrofit into all previous model years by ordering a new battery. The app for monitoring the battery health is available for Apple and Android devices. This is extremely valuable information for the lifetime of your battery that can last 5-7 years on average or up to 800-1200 charge cycles. For more information please call a qualified sales representative of Triad Electric Vehicles at 1-855-648-7423

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